Sunday, January 22, 2012


by Hobbert Ryde

     You'll never believe it.

     I saw it myself and I don't believe it.  On FOX News, no less.

     Here I was, sitting at my computer ready to talk about how things were unfolding after South Carolina, and Ima Gine calls me into the living room to watch FOX tonight.  Who should be on but Mike Huckabee -- I like Mike Huckabee and frankly, I thought the Lord missed a great opportunity with Mike four years ago -- And he was interviewing R-n P--l!

     Well, I know they've got to give him -- that's Doctor R-n P--l to Goofy over at Sycamore Three -- they've got to give him a little face time on Fox, or he'll be whining that the media is trying to shut him out, same old poor-me poor-us stuff that makes you know he's just another bleeding heart liberal.  Well, it makes you know it IF you have half a brain in your head, as Rush likes to point out.

     So I know they have to have R-n P--l on every once in a while just to shut everybody up, so that wasn't what bothered me.

     What bothered me was that Mike Huckabee was treating R-n P--l like he was some kind of legitimate candidate.  I went,  Wha-att?? On Fox??  right in front of Ima Gine.  Here, click on the video right now and watch it, if you don't believe me.

     Well, I never should have gone, Wha-att?? right in front of Ima Gine.  She kind of glared a little bit and sniffed.

     She said, "What are you worrying about?  Didn't the Lord say it was Rick just ten days ago?  Where is your faith?  You stood right here this time last week and heard what everybody said, including Lyz, and we're standing firm.  What's wrong with you?  This is all a part of His Plan."

     Well, she had me there all right, because to be honest, it shook me a little that the Lord's choice, Rick Santorum, came in third after a M--mon and a, well, I don't know what he is, I mean in a state that stood foursquare with God's own Senator Lindsey Graham, who I think is a cousin to Franklin Graham, if not his old man.

     I just had to shake my head at Mike Huckabee, smiling like he was hearing R-n P--l for the first time.  I could have told him, "Mike, it's just the same old same-old."  The old man never gets tired of riding that old horse, "End the Fed," and all that talk.

     I'm thinking, Can't R-n P--l read a dollar bill, for goodness sake?  Every one of them has the words "Federal Reserve Note" printed in plain English riding high right there over all the presidents, such as Benjamin Franklin ($100) and Alexander Hamilton ($10) and all the rest, and all of them personally signed and cosigned by the Treasury of the United States.  I mean, this is pure American currency!

     We all know that R-n P--l can't spell USA, but for goodness sake, Doctor, can you spell legal tender?  Sheesh.

     Well, all I can say is that Fox must be having a bad night.  Fair and balanced, yes, but you can take fair and balanced way too far.  Frankly, it just looked like pandering to Dr. R-n P--l, to me.

     Get a grip, Fox.  Get a grip, Mike.  Because here's where I think Ima Gine is right.  You've got to have faith in the leadership.

     Forget making nice with what's probably the oldest politician in Texas.

     Stick with Rick.

PS -- I hope Goofy doesn't see that video on youtube.  He'll make some kind of a big deal over it, just watch.

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