Friday, August 3, 2012

Silence, My A--

by Hobbert Ryde

     I know I'll get in trouble with Ima Gine for putting this title on my post, but gosh-darn it, somebody has got to talk back to that guy at Sycamore Three, and in no uncertain terms.

     Nobody else has "manned up," as they say, to do this, so it's gonna be me. (Maybe I'm reluctant, because his name sounds so much like mine, that I don't want any blowback, if you know what I mean.  But that similarity is pure coincidence, and it's sure not my fault, anyway.)

     For months he's been prattling around about every subject under the sun -- about people who know a heckuva lot more than he does, I might mention -- though that isn't saying much -- and most of them aren't too bright anyway, in my book, if you know what I mean.

     Now he's gonna play the Silence card.  I knew that game as soon as I saw that goofy post, and sure enough, after only a week of practicing his precious virtue -- his words, not mine -- he comes off with that pseudo-profound little filler about a third so-called "quiet realization."

     What he doesn't realize, among the many things he doesn't realize, is that he has nothing to say!  There, I said it.

     Well, if he has nothing to say, it's his own fault.  He is completely avoiding the important issues of the day; and I'm going to point them out, one by one, until I run out of numbers.  Here goes.

     1.  He hasn't said word one about Obama's birth certificate.  He claims to be a Constitutionalist, which is a total piece of head-fakery, because the Constitution plainly says that a person can't be president unless he is born right here in the U S of A and has a birth certificate to prove it -- which I can quote to you chapter and verse, by the way -- and he has completely ducked the issue, and I mean ducked, as in Duck, Donald, Duck.  If you know what I mean.

     2.  He hasn't said one word in standing up for a sound American dollar.  In fact, I think he not only wants to "End the Fed,"  like his hero R-n P--l is always, always saying, like a broken record -- which shows you just how little he knows about economics, by the way -- I think he'd actually like to see the stock market go down, which is just about the most un-patriotic thing I can think of right now.  I mean, Ima Gine and I have some money put away, and if I should . . . go, if you know what I mean . . . he'd have Ima Gine out on the street in a heart-beat, if he had his way.

     3.  Which brings me to Mitt Romney.  He hasn't said one word in support of Mitt.  Well, as far as I'm concerned, somebody has to stand up against the socialists who are running this country right into the bowels of . . . Hades, and right now I can't think of anybody better than Mitt, an entrepreneurial investor and yes, capitalist -- I'm not ashamed to say it, never have been, never will be -- who has beaten the socialists at their own game.  And whatever Mitt's faults may be (precious few, let me tell you), he has been standing up there all alone against big government and Obama-care, while Donald Duck is sitting over there under his Silly Sycamore, on the sidelines, where it is safe, I might add, chattering on about Silence.

     4.  And he hasn't said one word about the threat of terrorism.  Oh, how short our memories are, when great men like George W. Bush leave the watch as sentinels of our great republic.  Truer words were never spoken, that when the Republican eagles have flown, the Democrat sparrows will land.  Terrorism is probably the most serious threat that our Great Nation has faced since the forces of evil fought at Gettysburg, if even then.  And Goofy is Silent?  (His words, not mine.)

     Well get this, Goofy, if you get one thing.

     I think the time for your precious Silence is over.  Got that?  Over.

     I think it's high time we all spoke up, and joined together in a solid bond of freedom, as one, and spoke up for what we all know, and we all know that we know, and if you don't like the battle-cry of freedom, get out of here, Goofy.

     In fact, I'll go so far as to say that we ought to stand up for what's right even when we're wrong, just to wave the flag, if you know what I mean, and show everybody, and I mean everybody, that we have a right to be right.

     Silence, my a--.

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